The Peticodiac

Warning: guy on a soapbox ranting about the local ecology

Moncton is home of the Bore Tide, A natural phenomenon that was once quite impressive, but has been diminished greatly by the causeway linking us to our neighbour, the town of Riverview. The politicians in this area will not take action to open the gates that are diminishing the flow of the Peticodiac River (we call it the Chocolate River because of its brown colour due to the powerful tides washing the silt up from the bottom). This is why the Tidal Bore has become boring, and the fish stocks farther along the river have all but disappeared. There are arguments against opening the gates that point to the fact that if they were opened fully, it would destroy the ecology of the river due to the sudden increase in the flow of water. Typical to politicians, they never even mentioned the idea of opening them slowly and gradually over a long period of time, allowing the ecosysten to adapt to the change. If You would send them tons of mail to that effect, maybe they will get the message in a few years. Thanks for listening.

Update June 26/97:

The Government has decided that it will indeed open the gates, but the people that like their miniature lake playground are still fighting it with no regard to the ecology. The gates are due to start opening in 1998, but politicians can still change their minds. Keep up the pressure!

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