weird    words

They don't mean anything, and I'm honestly not insane in the conventional sense of wanting to drink out of the toilet and doing gross stuff with feces or anything like that, and I don't see small evil green men with irredecent shocks of hair screaming the following: snerbut bleer incrulinar slembidget ardebar-debartle-zeeeee snabitt snabitt fleer snord flork phlegm-bubbles


If God made mankind in His own image, do you think God has genitals? How well endowed s/he must be. But being omnipotent and perfect, why would a perfect being capable of creating offspring from dust need them?

HST stands for Human Sexuality Tax because you get screwed whenever you buy anything. The Federal Government taxes in alphabetical order. They used to have the FST until they came up with the GST which is being replaced by the HST. The next tax will undoubtedly be the IST. I propose the IST should stand for "International Sales Tax" - a tax levied on any non-Canadian made item sold outside of Canada and not for use by Canadians, or nor for import to Canada. This would encourage people in other countries to "Shop Canadian". If the Americans can get away with the Helms-Burton law, this might work too!

Furtile Imagination by Catcha Buzinski:
Women frequently have FurTile imaginations. They just couldn't settle for the ordinary porcelain or ceramic tiles. No, they had to tile them with fur. When pressed for details, their male companions reported that they had nothing on their minds. The research team concluded that they couldn't afford it because of their female companions' furtiled imaginations.


"Blood is thicker than water." Blood is not thicker than puss, cum, feces, nasal mucous, ear wax, or bile. Coffee is also thicker than water, but I don't know if it's thicker than blood. Maybe I can make some sort of viscosity tester to try and figure this out.

Can people with hayfever smoke 'grass', or would it make them sneeze?

If British bees have a 'queen bee', would a Russian beehive have a 'Bee Czar'?

A bad day is when you sit on the bus next to someone who regales you with the story of how he "...fucked the mechanical chimp at Disneyland until it caught fire." and pantomimes the depraved scene. The only worse thing is if he wanted to actually demonstrate...

You know you've had too much when you have to communicate by drooling in morse code.

Jello is just an edible form of the slinky.

Bee phlegm buoy ant.

This is another incomplete page which I'll add to as stuff comes to me.

there are urinals on Mars that the government is hiding in this hit-counter.