This is a list of some of the most weird and wonderful links I've visited so far.

Radical & Extreme Hobbies homepage
high speed potatoes,pumpkins, skateboards, explosives and a dangerous barbecue lighter (and more)
Chile Pepper Magazine Online
If you love Endorphine Rush, Insanity, Ring of Fire, or just plain habanjero pain - you'll find it here, hotheads!
CRANK Select-O-Matic
This guy is soooo twisted in a cynical yet entertaining way - enough magazine reviewer like crap, just see for yourself!
the Annals of the Moon Colony Research Facility or the Moon Colony High Court of Justice
Naked women wrestling in vats of live worms, painted rhino's, and a biker bent on making green cheese out of the moon's surface. What more could you want?
Mr. Manly's Guide to Manliness
If you like "Home Improvements" and "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche" you'll like this beef-eating, cigar-chomping, ratchet-weilding,testosterone-over-dosing, other-improperly-hyphenated-adjectives comedy.
Zone Silly The
All it says name the. Can yellow rubber bathtub ducks go mad? Maybe not, but their owners can.
Lark's Salon of Silliness
I like this woman. Mad cow jello, tongue twisters, neologisms(made-up words), and the Really Big Button that Doesen't Do Anything.
If you are totally against hemp use, don't click here it's a walk in Electric lady land with a couple of talking pot plants. Really! Neat art work.
MAD Scientists
Real and fictional mad scientists and their accomplishments. Links to the IgNobel awards and the Annals of Improbable Science
the ONION | Number One In News
Alzheimer's Sufferers Demand Cure for Pancakes and other silly news stories
It's..... Monty Python's Flying Circus If you're a 'Python fan, these guys are 'Python wind tunnels. E-mail someone your liver, or even the bits on your back that you can't reach!
INFODOG - Home of Canada's COOLEST Web Sites!
If You're ever in Moncton or Halifax, the coupons should come in handy.
The Bastard Operator From Hell
This system administrator is a cross between mean and Freddy Kruger. No wonder some of my files keep disappearing from Tripod WITH NO EXPLAINATION! It's him, he's here! click click bzzzzzzp @#@&#**
Useless Information
I love this site! It has everything from Hedy Lamarr's contribution to modern high-tech communications. The first 7 Presidents of the United States preceded Washington, but everyone thinks that he's the first. It wasn't an assasin's bullet that killed James Garfeild, it was a team of doctors, aided by Alexander Graham Bell. If someone came to your door and showed you two bottles of vomit, would you buy milk from him? Many did! The Everready battery inventor, gave the company away to go play with model trains and it was even more profitable! Which of his former employees made Thomas Edison look like a dolt in comparison? I'll give you a hint, He demonstrated wireless transmission before Marconi. It sounds like tabloid headings, but it's all true. Read about it here.

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