Wondering who I am?

I am a young (30) heterosexual, unattached male living in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Moncton is home of the Bore Tide, A natural phenomenon that was once quite impressive, but has been diminished greatly by the causeway linking us to our neighbour, the town of Riverview.

Do you ever get depressed? I'm usually a happy enough individual except when I think about my life, and what I have accomplished so far. I work nights at a group home taking care of mentally handicapped individuals. It was a good job when I first started in 1988, but our Provincial Premier and his gang of bastards made cut after cut after cut to our budget and now the future of this company looks bleak. I was taking a Bachelor of Commerce part time through Mount Allison University, but of course with this latest round of cut-backs, my work schedule changed so I can't do that any longer. I don't have the money for it anyway. It's no wonder that people commit crimes. If I got tossed in jail, I'd be able to get an education and have time to study. I would live like a normal human instead of what these 12 hour night shifts have reduced me to: a tired, depressed, insomniac loser. Actually, that's not true. But at least I might be less irritable. Maybe my doctor could get me some prozac, but that's probably too expensive and the side-effects are probably not worth it. Oh to hell with it! Just get out of here. Who am I? Who cares anyway!? Go find something interesting. The Odd Links page has lots of stuff from people more funny and interesting than I am. Maybe I just need to get laid once in a while. Fat chance! Short, fat, broke, depressed guys that are always droning on monotonously never get laid. Go away!

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