Radar's 'I made this while I was Stoned' Page

The point to this Web page is that it has no point. I woke up one day, did a couple turds of hash with my morning coffee, kick started the computer (yes, chromed keyboard, overdrive, not a lot of modem speed, but plenty of low end... Oops! Sorry, back again. Where was I?

Oh yea, the links. I obviously have nothing interesting to say, so I used links to send you to destinations weird, counter-cultural, wild or otherwise.

Note: The opinions expressed here or in the following links do not necessarilly reflect the opinions of Tripod or its staff,or myself for that matter,so back off! The above is just a story, not a confession of drug use, more an excuse for my page being so ...

Sorry, did I space again? Enjoy these madmen and women and cows and small furry animals with great big ...Oops, brain burped again.

HERE THEY ARE AT LAST! THE LINKS! I NEVER THOUGHT I'D EVER GET TO THEM with this guy's incessant ranblung (I meant "rambling" but you must admit that "ranblung" has a certain feel to it like "weasel chicklets" and "marmot liver suprise" What's the suprise you ask? That I was able to find marmot liver at the butcher at this time of year with the mating season and all, why you woudn't believe what i had to go through to get ...my typing seems to be faster when I'm stoned, but then my driving -Hey R.C.M.P., back off! remember the disclaimer- seems to be normal when in reality the speedometer reads 20% less than the habitual speed on my usual roadways.)

Where was I? Hey that was an interesting sentence -"Where was I"- kind of palindromatic isn't it? With the capital letter at the beginning AND the end (not to be confused with "end the and" which would be what? a "d"?.

oh right the links, by the way did I mention that I make jewellry (silver mostly), small pocket knives and paring knives and such, and also pipes (mostly one-hits like Killer (thanks for the name, A.G.) or The Magic Bullet -a brass 30-06 cartridge(or 300 magnum, .303,.308,.32,.35,.375, and .50 cal if I can get it) with a polished aluminum bullet suitable for a keychain, with a hidden suprise, the bullet unscrews to reveal a tiny one-hit bowl, and the keychain part unscrews to reveal a hole to draw from. A mouthpiece can be screwed in if desired. What you smoke in them is Your business, and I won't take responsibility for you putting stuff other than tobacco, ginseng, clove or sage in it ;-). I'll tell ya, the Scrap-Yard RULES for finding stuff to make pipes and bongs from. Speaking about bongs, I made one out of a plastic thermal gas station refillable coffee mug thing with the matching cover and all. The bowl and spout just kinda slip in there and they can be removed and concealed inside for a more low key "Ixnay on the assgray, Five -oh's out front" look. My hands are freezing. does that ever happen to you? You get typing stoned and you hold your hands at a weird angle or cut off the circulation somehow and they feel cold. Oh, if you want to order something (no, I don't have any drugs for sale, Jimi) e-mail me, I don't have f-mail or d-mail but I had made some chainmail with tig aluminum electrode wire...

Oh yea I almost forgot... The Tinks!I meant "links" but then again, Tinks has a ring to it as, well, back to the shop, later 'tater!

The Joy Of Sharpening -a knife sharpening web dissertation
Official Big Bong Homepage -big enough to bliss out the entire crowd at a Lollapalooza festival!
CRANK Select-O-Matic -opinions are like arseholes, and arseholes are likely to be opinionated, but I like it.
Radical & Extreme Hobbies Homepage -things that fling potatoes, watermelons, pianos and the occaisional human, as well as other dangerous fun. These guy have a more warped sense of fun than I do. Some really interesting ways to die!
Chile Pepper Online Magazine -If you like foods with words like "Daves Insanity Sauce, Endorphine Rush, Hellfire and Damnation, Slap Me Silly and Call Me Sally, Ring of Fire, or just plain jallapeno, this is the place for you. Speaking about Jallapenos, I invented a drink down at the local Don Cherry's tavern called a Jallaquilla. As you have probably guessed from the name, it's a shot of Tequilla, a shot of fresh jallapeno juice, and topped with lime bar mix.
Welcome to HempBC -a Canadian Pro-hemp site. Check out the seed catalog. There are around two-hundred and fifty strains of hemp listed including one that grows like a vine or a creeper. And to think I just call it weed, oil, or pschoactive playdough.

The following section was written while not stoned - but copied from my homepage and modified while hemped-up, so I guess it's okay...

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If you've made it this far, you're more depraved and desperate for entertainment than I thought you are. Alright then, here's a collection of strange thoughts, expressions or crap that just pops in my head or floats my way from time to time, not all the time, I'm really quite kinda sane in a loose sense of the word and some of this stuff comes from ouside my head, Honest!

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Hey, did you notice my BASIC programming Freudian slip "goto"? I just did, now while stoned, but I hadn't noticed it while straight! Go figgure! Maybe THC has nootropic properties. It is supposed to increase the blood flow in the brain, but it also supresses the release of vasopressin - the neurotransmitter that is responsible for the storage of information into long term memory - thus the memory and learning difficulties when stoned. Or it could be a co-incidence or a fluke that I tuned into it just now, but ya gotta wonder.
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In case you were wondering, you are stones from the sun.