Beautiful Women

In order to make this page load quicker, I won't be incuding the pictures on this page, only links to my favorite women on the Internet, or links to the pictures, or total perv. sites, or maybe a thumbnail or two if the lady is holding a knife;

This page will be changed every so often.

Sandra Bullock

The Sandra Bullock Public Information Web Page - lots of information and links.

The women from 'Friends' (Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow)

NBC Primetime: Friends NBC's corporate Friends page with links,biographies, pictures, etc. of the cast.

Miscelaneous Celebrities

The Fake Detective Dedicated to exposing fake celebrity nude photos - not a perv site, but contains nudity (gee, duh, no kidding!)

Virtual Image Archive: /Miscellaneous/People This list of celebrities (both female and male) should have a link to your favorite.

Celebrity Skin Celebrity Skin magazine - yea I know, I gotta find myself a!

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